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8 Moments that will take your breath away during your Abu Dhabi desert safari

Abu Dhabi is a city that has many interesting things that you can’t cover even you explore the city for years.

Although the city is full of glitz and glamour and holds many amazing experiences, the desert is where you will find the most amazing experiences of all that will take your breath away. Which is why you must go on an Abu Dhabi desert safari during your trip to Abu Dhabi.

Below listed are 8 amazing moments you could experience during an Abu Dhabi desert safari.

Dune bashing ride

Riding over the sandy hills for a thriller adventure is one of the unforgettable moments you’ll experience during your Abu Dhabi desert safari.

The speed and the excitement involved in dune bashing will crave you for more and more filling your heart with thrill. The ride is bumpy but ideal for adventure freaks.

Dune bashing means to ride on a land cruiser in a crazy speed bashing against the dunes. The silky soft dunes won’t crash hard against the vehicle instead will splash sand all over the air, creating a sand cloud which you can ride through. Just think about how fun it would be.

Camel trekking

If you want to get the full experience of a desert adventure in Abu Dhabi desert, camel trekking should be on the top of your bucket list.

The majestic creatures who you can only witness in deserted countries are jolly fellas to be in company with. During your Abu Dhabi desert adventure, you can ride a camel just like the traditional Bedouins do and go on an exploration.

The views you’ll see during the ride will be the most amazing, as the higher elevation will let you see a vast area of the dune landscape taking your breath away.

Falcon show

Falconry is one of the most popular games in Abu Dhabi that will present you with some mind-blowing animal show moments ever. To view the sight for grandeur looking falcons fly around the sky and dive right towards the catch within milli-seconds is a rare experience that you won’t forget forever.

During the show, you can admire the talents of the falconer and falcon and maybe try holding one on your hand you like something a little extra.


Forget snowboarding as sand boarding can be much more fun. Surf along the edges of sand dunes as you sweep down along silky-smooth sand.

The thrill and excitement of keeping the balance while enjoying the sand splashes are truly amazing. The experience is only available in a few countries, so you should tick your bucket list idea off during your Abu Dhabi desert safari tour.

Sandboarding is more popular among young travellers who are in search of hearth pounding blood racing activities, although we say it’s a fun activity for anyone of any age.

Quad bike ride

Just imagine how much you can go wild if you could ride a quad bike in the desert where free space is endless.

Quad biking rides are one of the most popular activities you should experience in the desert if you are to savour the extreme adventure the desert holds. No trees, no pillars, no bumps just plain sand everywhere, so how can you resist such a wild experience.


The colourful sky filled with shades of reds and oranges with the fiery sun against the desert landscape is a magical sight only a few get to experience in their lifetime.

When the colours of the sky fade into black spreading darkness everywhere, the silhouette of the dunes created against the sky is breathtaking and one of the most amazing experiences you can experience in a desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Sit on a sand dune and watch this magnificent sight sipping a cup of tea or coffee savouring some juicy dates. Don’t this description alone makes you want to be there right now?

Dining under the stars

You will find many different dining experiences around the world but none will beat the BBQ dining experience amidst the Abu Dhabi desert. Experience how dinners are like in the desert in a traditional Bedouin style desert camp around the bonfire.

Enjoy your juicy meat under the starry sky in the moonlight soaking in the ultimate bliss the desert breeze carries. Curl your toes in the smooth sandy floor below your feet as you sample your dinner and enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Candlelight dinner

Candlelight dinners are everywhere, but candlelight dinners in the desert are something you can only experience in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy an amazing dining experience with your significant other having a great time. With a romantic setting to amplify the already have the romantic ambience of the desert, candlelight dinner in the desert will make sure that it’s one of the top romantic dates you’ve ever been on with your loved one.

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