Abu Dhabi Luxury Yacht Cruise

Tour Description

Embark on a journey to pamper yourself with an Emirati retreat in a Sunset yacht cruise in Abu Dhabi. Slow down your fast-paced life for a while and enjoy some peaceful time with your loved ones. You will be surprised with the breathtaking views and the mind-blowing experience that will unfold in front of your eyes as you continue in your Private sunset Champagne tour in Abu Dhabi.

Commencing from the Abu Dhabi Marina this Private Yacht dinner cruise in Abu Dhabi will take your breath away at every corner. From iconic landmarks to sky high skyscrapers, witness another side of the city from a different angle only a few get to enjoy.

Discover the beauty of the Abu Dhabi city from the Yacht deck as you sail along the coastal belt. Enjoy the salty breeze in your hair feeling the warmth of the sun with closed eyes. Take in the bliss the wind carries over a chat with your loved ones.

Open a bottle of Champagne when the day comes to an end presenting you a beautiful sky with shades or oranges and pinks and cling your champagne glasses to celebrate life, and this incredible travel experience.

Whether it’s a special moment you want to celebrate with your significant other or your family and friends like a wedding, this luxury yacht cruise in Abu Dhabi will be the perfect experience for you.

Plan your Abu Dhabi sunset luxury yacht cruise with us.

    Before Sunset
    After Sunset
    • Captain
    • Flowers
    • Soft drinks
    • Wine or champagne
    • Private 1 hour cruise on a luxury yacht
    • Butler
    • Selected Tarts & Pastries
    Dinner (Can arrange depend on request)
    Hotel Transfer (Can arrange depend on request)