Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi

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Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city renowned for its many amazing futuristic landmarks, buildings featuring breathtaking architectural elements and glamorous five-star hotels and wild adventure theme parks. The experiences you can enjoy in Abu Dhabi is endless however if you leave Abu Dhabi without enjoying a desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi desert, we can’t stress enough how much you are going to miss out on.

In this article, we share why desert safari in Abu Dhabi is the number one experience that should be in your bucket list.

What is a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a tour that offers you a full experience of the desert offering you insider moments to the lifestyle of the region.

A desert safari comes with a range of activities and experiences letting you enjoy all the flavours of the desert during your short visit there. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a peace seeker, an desert adventure in Abu Dhabi desert won’t disappoint you.

Why go on a desert safari adventure?

Abu Dhabi city itself has many places to visit and explore, but if you leave the desert out of your Abu Dhabi adventures, it’s literally like visiting Paris without visiting the Eiffel. Here are a few reasons why you must make time for a desert safari adventure during your time in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi desert has a beauty that you cannot witness elsewhere in the world.

Its sand is silvery white and dunes are gigantic which will make you feel you are in an Arabic fairy tale once you entered the desert. Calmness along with the monochromic tones of the surrounding will soothe your mind and body giving you a break from the noisy city life.

Explore the lifestyle and culture of another part of the world

Life in the desert itself is interesting to witness.

The amazing life of Bedouins, the real desert people have created for themselves in all the harsh conditions will blow your mind. The adaptations, survival tactics of the desert, that have developed into traditions, customs and rituals over the years will indeed fascinate you. During your tour to the desert, you will be able to witness the traditional entertainments such as Tourna dance and belly dances along with traditional music.

Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi
Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi

Try some crazy desert adventures

Even you are not much interested in other cultures but looking for real adventures, desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi won’t make you bored. Because the tour is full of desert adventures. During your tour, you can go Dune bashing where you will take on a crazy land cruiser ride bashing sand dunes. Or you can try sandboarding sliding along the tall sand dunes. Since the dunes are huge in Abu Dhabi the fun and thrill are extreme. If that’s not enough, get on a quad bike to ride across the desert freely.

Visit the Bedouins and Traditional Camp

Bedouins are the native people of the desert, who live there for generations. Imagine the stories and the insights you can share with during your meet with them. The Bedouins will show you how life really is in the desert and how amazingly they have managed to survive in those extreme conditions. The traditional Bedouin camp you will take to, where you can relax sipping a tea or coffee at the end of your tour will add an amazing authentic touch to your touring experience in Abu Dhabi.

Traditional food and drinks

Throughout your journey through the desert, the tour will provide you with traditional food and drinks including, traditional tea and coffee and dates and more. Just Imagine how amazing it would be to savor the best local dishes at the heart of the desert in a traditional desert camp.

Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi
Adventures Every Traveller should Enjoy in Abu Dhabi


If you want to enjoy the company of camels, the desert is the best place to be. During your Abu Dhabi desert tour could ride a camel across the desert on your own exploring the beauty and the serenity of the desert.

How to plan your Abu Dhabi desert adventure?

Planning your Abu Dhabi desert tour is easy as there are many tour options you can choose from and there are many vendors available. However, we highly recommend you to consider the following list before you make a booking so you can be assured of, that you are receiving the experience you seek.

  • Time – How many hours do you want to spend in the desert and how many hours do you have for a desert adventure in Abu Dhabi?
  • Experience – What kind of experience do you like? Do you like an adventure safari or a peaceful tour to spend a relaxing time in the desert or want to explore the culture and lifestyle more?
  • Budget – You will find Abu Dhabi desert tours of a wide price range, so make sure you pick something that fits your budget.
  • Company – Learn more about the tour operator before anything, as it will contribute hugely to the quality of the touring experience.

Who can go on a desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi? Anyone who likes to explore the desert can go on a desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi. No matter what your age is or what type of an experience you are looking for, an Abu Dhabi desert safari has something for everyone. All you have to do is join the right tour for your requirements.

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