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A full guide to plan your Abu Dhabi desert safari to be hassle free

There are many Abu Dhabi desert safari tour packages available in the market. Thus it can be overwhelming to select the best desert safari for you when you don’t have any idea about the topic.

If you are to plan your desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi we recommend you to start from here where we share everything you need to know about planning your desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Best time

All the desert safari adventures in Abu Dhabi operate during the morning hours or in the evening. Usually, you will find a morning and evening tour offered by every tour company offering you more options. When you are selecting a time for your Abu Dhabi desert adventure it’s important that you make sure it fits your other travel plans and your requirements.

If you are opt-in for a morning time desert safari, you will have to leave for the desert before the dawn. Meaning you’ll have to wake up and get ready very early in the morning. But it will be paid off with a beautiful sunrise that will take your breath away. With an evening desert safari, you will witness the best sunset you’ve ever seen in your life. Plus, you can indulge yourself in a traditional BBQ dinner.

How long you want to be there?

During your search for the perfect Abu Dhabi desert safari tour, you will come up with several tours that take you to the desert for different hours ranging from 2 hours to ………….hours. No matter how tempting it is to experience the desert for a longer time, make sure to choose a desert safari experience not to overlap with your other plans.

What do you want to experience?

Abu Dhabi desert safari tours come with different activities and desert sports, it’s important that you decide what you really need to experience in the desert.

Do you want to go on a crazy desert adventure full of thrill and excitement? Or do you need to spend time exploring the desert and it’s a lifestyle to get a taste of the Arabic culture? Do you want to spend a fun-filled time with your family and friends or want to relax and chill taking a break from the busy paced life?

Where do you want to go?

In Abu Dhabi, you will find Dubai desert safari tours from Abu Dhabi, Liwa desert tours from Abu Dhabi and of course desert tours to Abu Dhabi desert. So make sure you know where you want to explore.

Liwa and Dubai desert tours will require more time as you’ll have to travel there from Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for quick desert exploration, Abu Dhabi desert is the best option for you. Liwa is perfect if you like to dig deep into the culture, history and the lifestyle of U.A.E. and enjoy time in nature.

Who do you travel with?

Are you travelling with your friends or your family? Or with your significant other? If you are travelling with babies, Abu Dhabi quad bikes tours and camel trekking tours might not be the best for you.

For any lovebirds travelling together, you must go with the romantic dune dinner tour in Abu Dhabi desert and enjoy an unforgettable date during your time in Abu Dhabi.

Group or Private tours?

If you get along with people easily and love exploring with your fellow travellers, group travel might be for you. If privacy is important to you and you like to explore at your own pace enjoying time with your family and friends, private tours will offer you the experience you are looking for without the interactions of strangers.


Abu Dhabi desert safari tours come with a wide array of price range so even if you are a bit concerned with the budget, you will find something you can enjoy.

Also, many companies offer budget tours as well, for an example our bus pick up evening desert safari with which you can explore all the experiences included in the evening desert safari tour package for almost half of the regular price. The catch is you will have to travel by bus which you’ll never regret comparing to the experiences waiting for you in the desert.

Plus, you will find combo deals that offer you two tours for an amazing price like our Morning Desert Safari with Quad Bike Tour, Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike Tour, Abu Dhabi City Tour with Dhow Cruise Dinner and Dubai City Tour with Burj Khalifa Ticket.

Tour operator

Best desert safari experiences always start with a good desert safari tour company in Abu Dhabi. So make sure you book your tour via the right tour provider. Check their experience, what their client’s say about them and how responsible they are as a service provider before you make a booking.

Make sure to compare a few companies based on tour inclusions, prices and experiences before you settle on one so you can get a better deal.

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